Big 4 Senior Partner

“Steve’s experience and knowledge of consulting and how consultancies work, taken with his attention to the coaching process, have been invaluable in helping me to explore and move my thinking on critical business issues.”

“Someone who has been there and done it.”

“Steve imperceptibly steers the discussion to keep time spent in each area to a reasonable amount.”

“Good understanding of the political situation and how politics works, at one step removed.”

Top 75 UK Law Firm Partner

“I found Steve to be both an engaged and engaging coach who listened attentively and was focused at all times on me as the client. He was supportive and challenging and gave me a lot to think about. I can honestly say that I looked forward to each session.”

“…benefits of talking to an experienced but independent professional on a confidential basis should not be underestimated.”

“…working with Steve has made me less self-critical, assured me of my potential and afforded me the opportunity to capture my highest motivation levels at work.”

“The process has also taught me not to overthink or analyse issues – most problems can be addressed by simply understanding what the issue is and then identifying and taking simple, practical steps to put it right.”

“In terms of the return on investment for the firm, all of this has already had a positive impact on my ability to win market share for the firm and to collaborate effectively with others in that objective.”

Law Firm Partner

“The coaching has been very helpful. I feel like I have been able to take swirling thoughts into positive action plans and actually implement those swirling thoughts into constructive changes to my daily working and personal life.”

Structural and Civil Engineering Company feedback

“Steve provided us with individual and team coaching services, working with the business owners and senior staff over nine months. Steve’s work gave us rewarding insights into decisions that are critical to the future of the business as the owners approach retirement.”

“Steve’s sensitive approach made it easy for the team to open up and share ideas. He very quickly built the greater confidence that we needed to improve our individual and collective thinking. This allowed us to tease out strengths that we did not realise we had, recognise issues that we were unaware of and resolve them and identify gaps in our business that we need to fill.”

“Working with the PROPHET tool allowed us to share our perspectives on how each of us sees our business operating and this process was very rewarding.”

Law Partner Feedback on Team Coaching

“I found the coaching challenging and I was very anxious in advance because of team dynamic difficulties. I felt supported by Steve Couch and that Steve gave me space to speak.”

“Steve made all of us think about the team dynamic and challenged the easy answers some of us gave as to why there were difficulties. He also asked us to listen to each other properly; something we have not done for a long while.”

“The psychometric testing results which focused on team dynamics were really useful and helped explain some of the obstacles we faced working together effectively. He also helped us to see what some did easily and naturally and what some found more difficult.”

“The coaching sessions have been invaluable in helping the team look at themselves and focus on working as a team – rather than in silos, but also to understand each other more.”

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