What do you need from a team coach?

The team has emerged as the principal organisational operating unit.  Organisations and business units are led by leadership teams; individuals work together in teams to share ideas and practices. They address complexity beyond the scope of an individual.  Given the significance of teams, understanding of how they work and how to realise more of their potential is surprisingly limited.

Perhaps team members feel that they should find better ways of collaborating with each other; or there is a sense of discord in the team, which may appear to have clear foundations, or which may be hidden.

Often, the need for a team coach is expressed as a wish to improve team dynamics, or to facilitate the effective involvement of each team member.  The value of a team coach may be in feedback regarding unhelpful individual and group behaviours, or in asking questions that the team does not want to ask itself.

Team Coaching – a flavour

Our team coaches support team members and the whole team to be more aware of individual and collective possibilities.  Attention is given to how individual and team behaviours can limit team performance and working on sustainable behavioural changes to help the team achieve more.

When we look back on completed assignments, we see that a unique approach to team learning has emerged with each team.

At every session, the team decides where it wants to start and what it wants to achieve.  The team coach draws from practical business and coaching experience. Working with the team, the coach offers a range of learning approaches (including psychometric tools where appropriate). They will share relevant behavioural knowledge with the team from psychology, neuroscience and other disciplines.

Predictive Role-Profiling for High Performing Executive Teams – Certified Practitioner

PROPHET develops executive relationships into successful teams offering fast, commercially focused insights.

Lumina Spark Practitioner:

Lumina Spark provides an accurate, personal reading of an individual’s strengths and developmental areas.  Whether you’re the CEO or a new recruit, it provides rich personal insights and practical benefits for everyone.