Another coaching question, this time from my chapter: ‘Effective Leadership’. The chapter appears in a new book: ‘Future-proof Your Legal Career – 10 Core Areas of Professional Development.

I explained the function of coaching questions in the book in my post: What is different for me, my client, and our working relationship since the last time we engaged.

Although this question is concise, I see a broad range of possible answers:

– Answers focusing on the initial ‘Who’, sparking thoughts about the value of collaboration with colleagues.

– Answers reflecting strengths seen in how others approach the same task.

– Answers that reconsider personal development objectives.

– Answers recalling known shortcomings in an individual’s leadership approach and the adoption of compensating behaviours.

– Answers that offer perspective on appropriate leadership approaches in specific circumstances.

As I reflect on this and similar questions, I am fascinated by how my answers change. I hope that others will experience this as they reflect on their answers to the questions in the book.

Future-proof Your Legal Career -10 Core Areas of Professional Development is available from the publisher:

As part of my coaching work with executives and leadership teams, we fashion and answer questions tailored towards meeting the challenges of complexity and uncertainty.

If you would like to co-create a question to trigger new answers to your challenges please let me know.